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Co: Labo



Co: Labo is a coworking space.
IT infrastructure has been improved, and changes have been made in the working environment of people.
An era where you can work with a smartphone or laptop even if you are not in a company or office.
On the other hand, increasing the number of people who feel uneasy or deadlocked by working alone and feeling less efficient and lonely and having fewer exchanges.
The coworking space Co: Labo was born in such a situation.

We have prepared an environment where you can work comfortably, rather than a tasteless space like a rental office.
The threshold is not high and you can use it easily from one day.

There are no restrictions on job genre, occupation, or age of use.

Entrepreneurs, creators, designers, illustrators, programmers, designers, copywriters, writers, photographers, accountants, office workers, housewives, students, NPO-related people, not only men but also women and seniors who are thinking about starting a business, Those who want to read their favorite books slowly.

A coworking space that can be used by people of various genres.