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Best Casino Movies Of All Time

Casino Movie

Best Casino Movies Of All Time

There are many movies that you might have seen that have the aspect of the thriller to them. Most of the movies have some scene which is done in this luxurious setting where people gather and have the right gambling atmosphere. These movies are somethings that trigger the aspect of gambling in also the common folk. Some of the best gambling movies include.

Casino Royale

This is one movie that is famous among James Bond Fans and also casino enthusiasts. The whole scene is set where Bond has the duty to stop the terrorist Le Chiffre from winning the game of Texas Hold’em and also escaping the place. This is one of the most classic scene in the movie.

Fear and loathing Las Vegas

Fear and loathing Las Vegas

This movie was based on a popular novel is now a cult film. This movie portrays Hunter S.Thompson who is on a psychedelic road trip around Western America. After Thompson had spend the money on sporting event for a magazine and on drugs he set out to search the American Dream. This film portrays to be very dangerous, explicit which attempts to capture the American Dream.

The Hangover

This is a quintessential casino movie where three friends wake up with no memory of the last nights events and are trying to find a missing bridegroom. There are shocked to see a tiger in the bathroom. This a very hilarious version of out of control vegas scenes with the most beautiful casinos.

Casino Movies


This is one movie which depicts the two faced quality of life in Las Vegas. This is a very intoxicating glitz and glamorous life of Las Vegas with the brutal and cruel dealings as well. This is a very beautiful put together story of Greed, deception, money, power and also murders. This is one casino movie which shows the dark side of casino gangsters.

Ocean’s Eleven

This is a movie about Danny Ocean who wants to pull off the biggest heist in the history where he brings in a team of talented individuals who can help him execute the whole event. They have a target of the biggest casino in Las Vegas which is The Bellagio, The Mirage and The MGM Grand. If you are looking for a heist movie, well this movie gives you a little bit of casino as well as heist.

The Gambler

This is a movie about an inspiring English Professor who is also a troubled individual with a serious gambling problem. This leads the man to steal $44,000 from his mother and bid them to win it back. This is a story of addiction, alienation and the length people who are addicted can take to get their addictions fulfilled.

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